Promotion of Polish culture

Activities related to the promotion of Polish culture beyond the borders of our country are coordinated by the Department of International Relations. The initiatives are supported by institutions subordinated to the Ministry, of which the most important tasks are carried out by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the International Cultural Centre.

Maintaining international dialogue, constructing directional strategies (geographical), developing formal and legal basis for international cooperation and contacting foreign diplomatic missions are the most important tasks of the Department. Among the tasks carried out by the DIR in recent years, the following deserve special notice: coordination of the Cultural Program of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council, foreign promotion of Chopin Year 2010, the organisation of the „Side by Side. Poland- Germany. 1000 Years of Art and History” exhibition, or the organisation of the contest for the title of European Capital of Culture 2016.

The main task of the Institute which is subordinate to the Minister, is to promote Polish culture abroad. From 2001 to 2013, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute completed promotion projects in 26 countries, including Great Britain, Russia, Israel, Spain, the Benelux countries, Austria, Sweden, France, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania, as well as Algeria, Morocco, India, China. It has presented over 4,000 cultural events which gathered 40 million spectators on three continents.

The International Cultural Centre is a cultural institution that conducts research, scientific, educational and informational activities. The Centre’s mission is to create and promote new attitudes towards the common European heritage, support the cultural integration of Europe and to protect its cultural achievements. The institution mainly takes care of educational activities and exhibitions.

The National Audio-visual Institute – cooperation with audio-visual institutes of other EU countries and European associations and federations for archives and audio-visual works

The Book Institute – promoting Polish literature abroad, organising and running the ©POLAND translation program

Zbigniew Raszewski’s Theatre Institute – organising visits for foreign critics, supporting Polish artists at most important international festivals

The Institute of Music and Dance – organising visits, supporting Polish artists at most important festivals

Polish Film Institute – financial and organisational support of international film coproductions, promotion of Polish films abroad

National Institute of Frederic Chopin – cooperation with Chopin institutions all over the world, collecting archival materials and museum objects, custody over the use of the image of Frederic Chopin in the world