Grant Programmes

Promotional activities led or coordinated and supervised by the Ministry of Culture are addressed to different communities - from opinion forming groups of professionals, through the wide public to, most importantly, the youth and students.

Promoting Polish Culture Abroad is a grant programme which aims to allow presenting the most notable Polish artistic events on the international arena. Since 2008, over 400 projects have been completed thanks to the funding of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage - presentations of plays performed by Polish theatres during the most prestigious festivals in the world, exhibitions, performances of Polish artists on foreign stages. The budget of the programme for 2008-2014 totalled over 26 million PLN.

The Minister’s Promise Grant Programme helps to finance  projects concerning, inter alia, the strenghtened presence of Polish culture abroad. Up until now the “Turkey 2014 - Promesa” has been completed, the Promotion of Polish Culture abroad with the Eastern Partnership and Baltic Sea Region as priorities for 2015/2016 will be launched soon.

Gaude Polonia is a programme for translators of Polish literature and young artists from Central and Eastern Europe, mainly from Belarus and Ukraine. The stay in Poland shall allow the laureates to embrace modern Polish culture and improve their creative workshop under the guidance of recognized artists and institutions in the biggest and most important cultural centres. Artists involved in film, photography, monument restoration, music, visual arts, theatre or art, as well as theatre and film criticism can apply for a half-year scholarship in our country.
Implementation: National Cultural Centre

Thesaurus Poloniae is a three-month scholarship programme addressed to foreign scholars researching culture and the multicultural heritage of the Republic of Poland and Central Europe. It is implemented in two categories: Senior Programme addressed to university professors and senior lecturers/PhD holders, and Junior Programme addressed to PhD candidates. Researches from i.a. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Japan, Moldova, Russia, Romania, the Slovak Republic, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine, and the USA have participated in the programme so far.
Implementation: International Cultural Centre in Krakow