The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

The international activities of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Culture is an important factor of social development. It teaches us to think creatively, to be open-minded and abolish stereotypes. These are the features which guarantee the growth of every society. By participating in culture and thanks to cultural exchange, on the one hand, we create our identity, the respect for tradition and a sense of belonging to a community and its history, and, on the other, we are more innovative and tolerant.

Poland pays great attention to cultural interactions with other countries, treating them as a key component of interpersonal relationships, which often become the catalyst for social change and the process of democratization. Cooperation should not take place only in the institutional dimension. Individual artists, their work and the activities of the civil society play a vital role in it. It is important that people all over the world, from the United Kingdom, through the United States, Russia or Israel up to India and China, can systematically discover projects which promote Polish culture.

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage initiates and coordinates many of such projects. For years, Polish culture has met with great respect all over the world, it became our best brand, synonymous with the highest quality. Thanks to the success of our artists, it became easier to strengthen cultural links and establish lasting contact between Polish and foreign artists, art institutions or cultural animators. The presentation of Polish culture is one of the important tasks carried out by my Ministry and institutions subordinate to it.